The Monster went to the Shaka Shack in Santa Monica and isn’t sure what exactly is going on.  It’s like the Brady Bunch Hawaiian episode come alive minus the tarantula (hopefully) but loaded up with the tikis, loud prints and a sort of island vibe.  It’s apparently meant for take-out, what with there being one singular table and one tall counter with four stools.  Besides that, two couches to relax on as you wait for your burger (beef, turkey, salmon, chicken) and some fries or slaw.

From first blush not sure the guy behind the grill has any idea what’s going on.  Taking island casual to new lengths, the guy at the counter is teaching him how to grill the burger as they go.  This will be an apprenticeship turkey shaka burger apparently.  Hey guys, The Monster can hear you. 

After eye-balling the place a hundred times and repeatedly checking emails the food arrives.  It looks, fine enough. 

The turkey burger has a bit of zing from the sauce but it ain’t The Counter or Umami or Cha Cha.  Want some ketchup for those fries?  Dinky packets.  Really?  For a burger joint that’s not old-school, it’s annoying.  Crinkle cut (frozen) with white truffle salt.  Kind of an oxymoron.  They are heavy handed with the salt and The Monster feels his fingers fattening as he eats them.

All this being said, the people are nice and it’s still in its infancy so perhaps things like tables for the customers and a cook who has made a burger are still being sorted out. 

Why go?  It’s a school holiday and you love to hang loose.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

1701 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 450-5551

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2 responses to “REVIEW: SHAKA SHACK

  1. Kathie Gibboney

    Dear Monster, We care about each customer and their experience. Yes Shaka Shack just opened and we’ve tried to offer something different and fun by creating a burger lounge. Had just brought ketchup containers so hopefully that will help. Also have been working on tables so there is more seating, though I love seeing people sitting on my parent’s sectional couch. We do have a talented chef, Jimme, perhaps he was on a break and my beleagured husband was in the kitchen. Come Monster and see us again.
    Oddly enough I was once on an episode of the, Brady Bunch. How the mighty have fallen.
    We’re working it over here and we care. The Shaka Shack

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