In Hotel La Fonda in Taos is The Plaza Cafe restaurant serving up New Mexican cuisine right in the town square.  The menu will look familiar to a thousand and one other spots in the area and the decor will feel like the last place you left but the building is over two hundred years old and rich with history.

The Monster has heard the unfortunately named Plaza Cafe (sounds like a place grandparents take their grandchildren to in Hallandale, Florida) has some chops.  We’ll soon see.

Chicken tortilla soup has somehow made it the length of the New Mexico swing without being ordered so that is a must to start.  Same thing with chicken fajitas as a main course.  Lastly, the rellenos de queso, two green chilis stuffed with cheese and battered with red and green chili makes the grade as it is the signature dish of the restaurant.

As The Monster hungrily awaits his meal he admires the art.  Here it is in all its splendor:

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.  The food:

The tortilla soup – eh.  Has some kick but mostly has more tortillas than anything which makes it annoying to eat.

Chicken fajitas – fine.  Denny’s can make fine chicken fajitas too.

Rellenos de queso – sure.  The Monster will be super-duper if he never eats more rellenos again.

Final tally: Eh.  Fine.  Sure.

Why go?  You can taste the history in the building.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters

108 South Plaza
Taos, NM 87571


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