In Madrid, New Mexico, once a booming mining town, later a ghost town and more recently revived as an artist colony and tourist trap along the Turquoise Trail (the old road between Albuquerque and Santa Fe) sits the Mine Shaft Tavern.  This is a place to booze, eat fried food then booze some more as it features the longest bar in the state and a cardiologist’s nightmare menu.

Chicken tenders, fish and chips, chicken quesadillas, buffalo chicken wings.  The Monster is getting down and dirty.  Here is what not to order: salad, veggie burger, grilled salmon special with asparagus, seafood platter.

It’s a handsome enough room, stage along the back where bands take up at night, murals depicting the history of the town along the walls, dark wood ceiling.  

Filled with locals who look like they were here when the mines were operational and tourists (like The Monster) who look silly.  The place is totally understaffed and tables sit with mounds of used plates and the front area (with the pool table) is crowded with guests waiting to be seated.

Still, the servers try hard and there aren’t many others options up this way.  If you want a slice of history and high cholesterol with a high likelihood of seeing someone fall off a barstool this is your place.

Why go?  You are the town drunk.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters for Food, 5/5 for Debauchery

2846 State Hwy 14 N
Madrid, NM 87010

(505) 473-0743

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