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Want to be healthy.

Curse you, Freddy Smalls menu.

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On Westwood south of Santa Monica Boulevard is the New Anatolia Café, a no frills Mediterranean restaurant and (soon to be) bakery.  With only seven tables the space is dominated by the open grill/cooking station so you have a front row seat to watch your meal being prepared.

There aren’t a surfeit of Turkish restaurants in LA (though there are plenty of Lebanese and Persian) so this family owned spot became a must-try on The Monster’s hit list (which is long and never-ending).  Nevermind the place lacks atmosphere…it has easy parking, a relatively cheap menu and is open insanely late to accommodate the nearby college crowd.  Apparently the Turkish population has gotten the word because The Monster doesn’t understand half of the clientele in the place which is always a good sign.

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The Monster wants a snack.  He stops at Thyme Café and Market.  He has been quite a few times and enjoyed it and finally it strikes him…

…Thyme Cafe serves great food and pastries, delicious desserts and features a nice selection of prepared items but…

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The Monster has never had a cup of coffee.  Not once.  No Turkish coffee or lattes or macchiatos or straight black.  Never.  Starbucks is lost on The Monster.  He doesn’t take a coffee break at work.  When meeting someone for “coffee” to The Monster that means water with lemon.  Maybe decaffeinated tea on a rare and randy occasion.

And yet, The Monster loves coffee ice cream.  He enjoys the smell of a fresh brewed pot of java.  He comes from a family of coffee drinkers.  And so it begs the question, why doesn’t The Monster drink coffee?

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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.
Grand food, lovely company.
Return visit? Yes!

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It’s Sunday and a drive from Santa Monica to Little Tokyo leaves The Monster wondering how there is not one song on the entirety of Sirius Radio that is any good.  Flipping through every channel and nothing to listen to.  Depressing.  And then parking is next to impossible in these parts.  Even worse.  When a spot finally opens up a man peaking out of a tent promises he’ll watch The Monster’s car.  Oh boy.

Going to Fat Spoon and there is a huge line at the restaurant next door, Daikokuya.  And Fat Spoon is empty.  Five people working.  Three people eating.  Through the window The Monster spies those milling about and already knows he’s made a mistake.

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Do you trust The Monster?

Do you trust Nozawa?

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