A wonderful meal, invigorating conversation, a lovely bottle of wine.  And the food, it’s singing love songs in your mouth.  And then you realize dessert is served and the halcyon memories are soon ending.  A brief moment of panic sets in when you contemplate that you have in fact not taken one note about your experiences at Restaurant Martin.

It is a freezing night.  Bone chillingly cold as you walk to the restaurant.  It is farther, much farther than you imagined.  So cold each step is a painful gash of lung busting agony.  You start to consider scenarios where you are frostbitten, found the next day on the street and they say if only he went a little farther he would have made it.

When finally you do arrive it’s a nice enough space but the first twenty minutes are spent trying to regain feeling in your limbs.  Wine is ordered as a salve for your body.  A menu is presented to you and you order, though it’s in a hazy fog.

There is some agnolotti.  There is some lobster.  Fish.  Is it Ono?  Wahoo?  Aren’t they the same?  Scallops as well.  You remember enjoying your meal.  You remember the moment you could feel your toes again.  It is with the second glass of wine.  It is exquisite.

You ask for a taxi to be called.  There is no way to brave the frigid cold again.  You finish your meal and it has been delightful.  That much you know.  And you realize that sometimes that is enough.  The specifics, they are less important than being able to say this is a restaurant you should come to.  This is a restaurant to enjoy.  This is a restaurant where luckily the heat worked.

You make it back to the bed and breakfast and have never been so happy to have wool blankets.  You drift off to sleep.  Warm and content.

Why go?  You want to fill in the details.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

526 Galisteo Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 820-0919

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