Off Old Las Vegas Highway twenty minutes out of town is Harry’s Roadhouse the local place to go for breakfast and hearty lunches in Santa Fe.  It’s the kind of spot Guy Fieri loves (yep, he’s been here) so expect a wait.  That’s okay, great people watching.

With multiple rooms inside and out as well as bar seating, Harry’s may make you wait but once seated they’ll get you in and out efficiently enough.

The Monster gets a breakfast burrito with red and green chile, melted cheese, pickled jalapeno, onion, green pepper and turkey sausage.  It’s a mongrel of his own creation and the waiter doesn’t even flinch.  Oh yea, and a trip to Harry’s without lemon ricotta pancakes is like going to Disneyland and skipping Mickey.*

If you come for lunch or dinner be prepared for a schizophrenic menu (Jewish pot roast,  grilled salmon tacos, Moroccan vegetable stew) and make sure to save room for dessert.

As for the vittles?  The burrito is smothered in chile goodness and the pickled jalapeno makes this a heartburn inducing feast. 

The lemon ricotta pancakes are the dainty, sweet portion of breakfast and they don’t disappoint.

The Monster however has one issue with Harry’s.  Cookbooks and t-shirts emblazoned with their logo, artwork for sale on the walls.  What has become of America when a place called Harry’s Roadhouse is cheapened by slaving itself to overt commercialism?  What happened to true roadhouses?  Are rough and tumble places like Nancy’s Diner and the Grill n Skillet where The Monster grew up forever doomed?  

Why go?  Your collection of vacation t-shirts is awesome.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

96 Old Las Vegas Highway #B
Santa Fe, NM 87505

(505) 989-4629

*Truth be told, The Monster has been to Disneyland once in his thirties and it scared him mightily.

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  1. been there, love the breakfast burrito

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