It’s Christmas Eve and The Monsters are doing an early dinner at Cowgirl Bar & Grill (before our actual dinner later) watching a drunk guy in sunglasses and a cowboy hat berate a woman at the bar telling her to “shut the fuck up” repeatedly.  Ah, Christmas spirit!

A Texas Toddy will hopefully warm the cockles, Makers’ Mark Bourbon with mint simple syrup in hot water with a float of Grand Marnier and lots of fruit.  This has disaster potential written all over it. 

Looking around the Cowgirl gets rowdy locals and curious tourists alike in its rustic country setting.  During the summer the back patio must be prime real estate.

This is a joint to get chili or wings or country fried steak.  Anything that doesn’t sound manly should be skipped. 

The Monster gets the jerk chicken platter, char-grilled in their house made jerk sauce and served with rice and black beans.

The drink arrives and it’s foul smelling, worse tasting but at least blistering hot. It becomes a hand warmer moreso than anything else.  Win some, lose some.  Should have stuck with the large mescal and tequila selection.

The chicken is nicely cooked, though the famous jerk sauce stinks.  The BBQ sauce however is the real deal and saves the meal. 

With friendly service and drunk, belligerent men at the bar this might not be the perfect place for Christmas Eve but it certainly fills the bill on other occasions.

Why go?  You too have anger issues.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters for food, 5/5 for local color

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