Malibu is filled with wonderful people. And a ton of unbelievable douchecocks (DC’s from here on out). There. The Monster said it. Your tolerance for such will be a determining factor on how often you make the trek up the PCH.

Billing itself Thai beach cuisine in Malibu, Cholada is a ramshackle little nook you could easily drive by on your way to the Country Mart to be surrounded by hype and shoddy food offerings. Just barely having ocean views (and that’s being generous) as the cars whiz by the front windows, Cholada is short on atmosphere but long on tasty food.

Letting the sun beat down on him, The Monster daydreams about a return trip to Thailand as the friendly waitresses chatter away in their native tongue.  Because eating out affords us an opportunity to venture to new and exciting venues, The Monster relishes a taste of Thailand on a lazy Wednesday afternoon.

So far, Cholada is entirely DC free. It’s midday and the DC’s must be taking a nap to replenish their brilliant powers of annoyance.

The Cholada wraps with shrimp is a healthy start to the meal (The Monster has been feeling a wee bit monstrous recently). Shrimp, shredded vegetables in the delicate rice skin wrap you then drizzle with the sweet, peanut sauce. Sometimes healthy is also extremely satisfying.

The Gapow catfish is filled with peppers of both the chili and bell varieties and is a shimmering dish loaded with lightly tossed catfish and sweet basil. It has a bit of heat but is mostly, a simple, pleasing and filling entree.

On any given day the clientele might include surfers, Malibu moms and a celebrated or two tucking into some Thai comfort food. It’s no frills dining before you hit the vastly overpriced and seriously woeful offerings farther north.

And on this day at least, Cholada is entirely DC free and a safe haven for the rest of us.

Why go? You hate Ed Hardy.

Monster rating 3½/5 Monsters

18763 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

(310) 317-0025

Cholada Thai on Urbanspoon



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2 responses to “REVIEW: CHOLADA

  1. Love this place. Consistently great food for the last seven years I’ve lived here. Love the papaya salad and the ground chicken version of nam sod kaw tod. And the folks are really nice, too.

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