You aren’t coming to Krua Siri for the atmosphere.  You aren’t coming here for the service.  You aren’t coming here to impress.  You are coming to Krua Siri for some downright great Issan Thai food.

When The Monster stops in the television is inexplicably tuned to a special on lions.  The place is empty.  This allows you to appreciate the sheer ugliness of the space.  Also, there is some serious lion on buffalo action going on.  That buffalo is badass and fends off a whole pack of lions. 

The duck laab packs a whallop of complex taste and fiery heat.  For those who frequent Thai restaurants this version leaves other laab in the dust. It’s like trying to compare your six year old’s fingerpainting with Picasso.  Mediocre lab is henceforth banished.

The spicy mint leaf chicken is blazingly delicious and The Monster’s mouth has become a battleground of fiery ingredients.  Water is not helping quell the lovely pain.  Also, a lion just died.

Steer clear of the non-Thai offerings like orange chicken or Vietnamese dishes and know that Krua Siri will bring the heat so even something ordered medium can scorch the tongue.

Large portions and good prices make this an insanely great stop in Thai Town.

Why go?  National Geographic Channel is your favorite.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters 

5103 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 660-6196

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