In a strip mall ignominiously wedged between a movie theater and big box stores is Samantha’s, a favorite of the Palm Beach golf set who want huge portions of fresh and delicious food in a cozy setting.   

That Papa Was A Rolling Stone is playing, and loudly when we walk in is both shocking and wonderful.  Lionel Ritchie’s That’s Why I’m Easy is cued up next.  Then some Luther Vandross.  It’s pretty rocking, if not a tad incongruous for the environs and crowd.  The Monster tries his best not to pop off and sing along. 

If you go to Samantha’s and do not order the crusted calamari with roasted crispy Portobello, basil, lemon, sweet cherry peppers, garlic and twisted tomato scampi you are hereby sentenced to eating at Red Lobster for the rest of your life.  As always it’s wonderful, the calamari and piquant peppers being a candidate for best dish in the area.

A baked crab and shrimp martini with seasoned crumbs, roasted tomato and garlic herbs is the second choice for an appetizer.  It’s downright awesome.  Rich.  Delicious.  Succulent.  Dare The Monster say it, it is better than the calamari.  The Monster hums along with Stevie crooning I Just Called To Say I Love You while looking longingly at the now empty martini glass.


Lump crab and bay scallop sauté with roasted garlic, sweet basil and sherry blush sauce tossed with potato gnocchi is the entrée choice.  It is a gigantic portion, so large The Monster knows what he will be eating for breakfast tomorrow.   The sauce is sweet but not cloying, with firm scallops and crab generously sprinkled throughout.

Tiramisu finishes off the night.  It’s the weak link of the dinner.  While it is homemade, it’s been sitting in a fridge too long and tastes like it.

Earth, Wind & Fire closes out the night’s musical set as The Monster sings along and carries home a bag filled with to-go boxes that on second thought probably won’t last the night.        

Why go?  In your former life you were an R&B god.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

201 N US Hwy 1 # D9
Jupiter, FL 33477

(561) 743-0801

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