A bastion of Palm Beach, The Monster has been visiting Renato’s for years with his family.  Be it the quaint room inside or the gorgeous patio with fountain gurgling and flowers blooming, walking down Via Mizner to this fabled haunt provides a touch of Italy on tony Worth Avenue.

There’s more diamonds and plastic surgery on display than good taste, but having dinner here is filled with good memories.  The tinkling of music and soft lighting makes everyone look their finest, though that might be the facelift and Channel blazer. 

Service is efficient albeit the friendliness meter is amped up depending on where you order from the wine list you and how often you frequent the restaurant.  Renato’s has been known to cast off visiting fireman in a dark corner and ignore plaintive pleas that a glass is never refilled and the prices are more exorbitant than his mortgage.

Starting off with the cocktail of jumbo shrimp, lump crab and crab claw.  Delicious but the mustard sauce is essentially mayo.  It has always been so and won’t change so complaining is a mere formality.  The Monster hates it and so extra cocktail sauce is a must.

There is a salad of shaved fennel, asparagus, hearts of palm, onion, toasted almonds in sherry vinaigrette.  It’s fresh and as boring as a politician. 

The entrée choice is saffron risotto with lobster, crab, sweet peas and diced fresh tomato.  It is packed with chunks of lobster and crab which play deftly against the snap of the hard peas and the acidity of the tomatoes.  This is a rich dish, not for those looking for light eating or care what the pilates instructor says the next day.

As another beautiful woman walks in with a man twice her age The Monster kills the last of his meal and looks forward to the next time at Renato’s.

Why go?  Dr. Novak did great work for you.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

87 Via Mizner
Palm Beach, FL 33480

(561) 655-9752

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