This Paradise Island outpost of the New York City BBQ spot is done up in a relaxed digs to bring a little bit of BBQ flavor to the Bahamian Island.  Situated inside the gigantic Atlantis Hotel property there will be plenty of young kids running around excited to acquaint themselves with the lazy river and water slides while their parents nosh on pulled pork and wish they’d used a condom.

Foir breakfast complimentary red velvet hush puppies with a chocolate cream sauce start you off.  Hell yeah!  Not too sweet, they are crispy on the outside, soft and spongy inside. 

The Monster orders a smoked chicken breakfast burrito with cheese and green chilies with a side of home fries and fruit.  The friendly staff (really, everyone is friendly in paradise) makes sure the basket of hush puppies stays filled while you wait.  Take a peak outside and watch the stingrays and sharks lazily swimming in the pool.  Rough life.

The burrito hits the spot.  Unfortunately the side of potatoes are luke warm but smother them in some BBQ sauce (which is tasty but a tad watery) and finish up your meal because the ocean is calling.

Why go?  You were born to tube down the lazy river.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas


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3 responses to “REVIEW: VIRGIL’S BBQ (BAHAMAS)

  1. Cindi Luther

    These were simply the very Best!!!!

  2. jeffrey

    i am very sure when i say “they were awesome”
    Actually words are not enough to convince the people who haven’t been there yet.

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