Dumplings. Oh so delicious. Is there a person out there who doesn’t love these wonderful pillows of joy? Every culture has their version, be they called ravioli or pierogi or momo or kreplach. So it was with great anticipation that The Monster was a guest of the CYR factory in Alhambra where one hundred and sixty one thousand dumplings are made per day for the Green Chopsticks label!

Our wonderful host and guide John took us through the entire factory, explaining how the dumplings are made and the fresh ingredients that go into them. CYR takes great pride in their terrific product and it was a ton of fun to take a piping hot dumpling (or ten) off the conveyor belt and plop it into The Monster’s mouth.  Savory and succulent!

Mustache nets are incredibly awesome.

Besides dumplings, there is also a line of roasted seaweed crisps, pork, beef and chicken bulgogi and bite-sized kid’s dumplings.

CYR takes every measure to maintain a clean working environment. You go through a state of the art pressure chamber to make sure you don’t bring any contaminants onto the factory floor. The Monster was Josue for the day, looking sharp in hairnet and gloves.

Once inside the factory it’s all sorts of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. With machines whirring and pistons charging, it’s a marvel to behold.

I will become a delicious dumpling!

Fresh ingredients make up the filling for each dumpling.

Here they come!

Hmm, might move here.

Check out this video to see the factory at work:


Fellow lovers of dumplings and food connoisseurs, The Monster would be happy to help arrange a tour of the factory for you!  If interested shoot over an email to ifedthemonster@gmail.com


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4 responses to “DUMPLING FACTORY TOUR!

  1. actorsdiet

    hmmmm….i have another blog called “thick dumpling skin” – we may need to go here for our year anniversary in feb.!

  2. carol cho

    How many people allow to tour for one trip? When is available?

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