The Monster went to the Brick House Restaurant recently in Venice. He’s still waiting on his food.

He’s still waiting.




Does anyone work here?

Will someone refill the water?

How about some silverware?

And some water?

Is the food almost ready?

Oh, there it is! Nope, that’s for another table. That got here after us.

So, about that food?

And water?

Ah, here finally is the food. Glad the appetizer came out the same time as the entrée. That’s fabulous.

Can we get some silverware with which to eat the food?

And more water.

Turkey chili. Blah. Not really chili. More like huge chunks of turkey, beans and peppers in a bowl.

BBQ cilantro chicken quesadilla delicious. Some water to wash it down would be nice. But it is delicious.

Excuse me, anyone, water?

What does come quickly? The bill.

Why go? You have plenty of time on your hands.

Monster rating: 1½/5 Monsters

826 Hampton Dr
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 581-1639

Brick House Cafe on Urbanspoon

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