A charming spot on Wilshire in Santa Monica, Bru’s Wiffle is done up in yellow and blue, it’s like eating in a newborn baby nursery.  In fact, little kids t-shirts hang from the walls and rafters and there’s an abacus on display.  If you have kids or just still act like one like The Monster this may be a place for you.

While the menu does have items besides waffles, did you really come to waffle joint for a burger or a salad or a panini?

You can have your waffles for breakfast like the banana split waffle topped with ice cream, whipped cream, bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce; peanut butter and jelly waffles; the king which has peanut butter, banana and bacon.  Savory waffles like the chili cheese and the chicken curry salad can satisfy those looking for lunch or dinner while a multitude of dessert waffles including chocolate, banana pecan, blueberry, and gluten free can be customized with toppings like nutella, rainbow sprinkles and dried cranberries.

But The Monster saw chicken and waffles.  It was over right there.  Two white meat breasts fried up and served over waffles with syrup and gravy.

No sooner is the order in and the cucumber flavored water poured than the meal is delivered to the table.  It’s lightning quick (perhaps too quick) but The Monster is hungry so that quible aside…

The chicken is tasty, moist and delicious.  The gravy is a nice touch as well, not too thick, it adds a down home flavor to the dish.  The disappointment comes with the waffles which while being touted as made with real Madagascar vanilla beans they are not terribly light nor tasty.  Maybe this is a case of them being slightly overdone or maybe they aren’t fresh or perhaps it’s a little bit of both.  Oh well, chicken and waffles still hit the spot.

There’s also a selection of fresh squeezed juices (apple, pear, grapefruit, carrot) along with homemade strawberry or ginger lemonade.  With parking in the back, a friendly staff and outdoor seating Bru’s is another brunch spot to add to the Santa Monica list when Hucklebrry is packed and you’ve had your fill of Snug Harbor and Bread and Porridge.

Why go?  You’re not allowed to eat in the kid’s room.

Monster rating 3/5 Monsters

2408 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(310) 453-2787

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One response to “REVIEW: BRU’S WIFFLE

  1. iris

    Finally a place ive been recently. I liked it too, but the waffles were a bit lacking. im going again chicken yum.

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