From the week it opened in Venice, The Monster has loved Baby Blues BBQ.  From its laid back vibe to its rocking music, from its friendly servers to its delicious food, Baby Blues is a winner in The Monster’s book.  For many of you this may come as a surprise.  The Monster loves a place renowned for their meat?  Yup. 

When you walk into Baby Blues there are a few things you can expect.  Crowds of people any time of the day.  Huge portions of gut-busting chow.  A rollicking good time.

The menu features meats in a slew of varieties, catfish, chicken and shrimp along with a mess of sides.  You want a pulled pork sandwich, they got ‘em.  You want a catfish po’boy, you’re in luck.  BBQ tri-tip, that too can be yours.  Chicken wings extra spicy, coming right up.  Smoked baby back ribs, for sure.

A normal meal at Baby Blues for The Monster consists of some “suicide kings” to start.  These are grilled shrimp on cornbread with cotija cheese.  Delicious. 

Next up might be the shrimp po-boy or the bbq chicken sandwich.  The po-boy features cole slaw on top and wonderfully prepared shrimp.  It’s not traditional but it’s might tasty.  Then there will be more sides than the table can hold.  Mashed potatoes, sautéed okra, mac n’ cheese, mashed sweet potatoes, stewed tomatoes, blues on the cob, collard greens…

At some point reality will set in and The Monster will realize that the food ordered and the stomach involved don’t equate.  That’s quite alright because leftover Baby Blues makes for a perfect breakfast for this Monster! 

But even with the fear of popped belt buckles resisting dessert is futile.  You will want pecan pie or banana pudding.  Both are future heart attacks in the making and both are damn well worth it.  On this trip The Monster is practically sweating and shaking from the amount of food he’s eaten and yet still he must have some banana pudding (hmm, maybe The Monster does eat bananas after all!)

The Monster loves Baby Blues so much he had his birthday party there last year.  Closed the place down late on Saturday.  This night involved way too much food, way too much alcohol and a ton of fun with great friends.  It may become a yearly tradition.

And no mention of Baby Blues would be complete without mention of longtime friend and former colleague Robb.  You’ll find him by the door most days and nights.  Tell him The Monster sent you and he’ll treat you right.

Why go?  You hate belts.

Monster rating: 5/5 Monsters

444 Lincoln Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 396-7675  

(Also West Hollywood and San Francisco)

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4 responses to “REVIEW: BABY BLUES BBQ

  1. actorsdiet

    my friend bakes the pies there!!!

  2. iris

    how is possible ? ive driven by about 300 times. Will be there soon.

  3. Sonia da G

    MMMMM!! Great recommendation Monster. I finally ate at baby blues today and I am hooked. Deliciousness! Thanks.

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