In Venice, Taverna San Trovaso is a lively trattoria near the Accademia known for their delicious pasta, seafood and fried fish.

The clientele on this day is almost exclusively Italian, a good sign indeed.  The space is divided into two rooms, each with curved brick ceilings and Italian folk art lining the walls.  It’s the kind of place American Italian restaurants often fail at replicating.  

The menu presents many challenges.  In that The Monster needs to order most everything on it.  Given this is a “pre-lunch lunch” and we’ve already had two slices of pizza this morning some abstinence is in order.  The Monster hates that word in any context.

The service is warm and friendly, a convivial air permeates the place.  The gnocchi with four cheeses and the fried fish are the call and get high marks from the waiter who looks eerily like Vincent Price when he was on the Brady Bunch in the famed Tiki Caves episodes.  This was undoubtedly the pinnacle of the show.  For this reason alone The Monster is inclined to give San Trovaso 5 Mostres.

The fried seafood is shrimp, calamari,  squid and mussels with polenta.  It’s pretty much perfect though The Monster admits he just doesn’t get polenta.  What’s the appeal?  Boiled cornmeal?  That just doesn’t sound appealing and it tastes like baby food. 

The gnocchi are homemade pillows of heaven though the sauce is a bit heavy handed with the gorgonzola.  Still, the plate is wiped clean.

All in all, a lovely lunch before lunch.

Why go?  Marcia breaking her nose was also really dope.

Monster rating: 4/5 Mostres

Veneezia Dorsoduro 1016, Venice, Italy

041 5203703

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