Cavtat, Croatia is about an hour boat ride away from Dubrovnik.  A small fishing village turned seaside resort home to Konaba Toranji, reputedly the site of some of the best seafood on the Dalmation Coast.  This sleepy enclave is a pleasant day trip away from the hordes mobbing the walled city.

Toranji has a terrace above the restaurant, a small indoor seating area and a substantial shaded patio right on the water.  The menu is a collection of seafood and fish dishes along with mainstays on any Croatian dinner table. Meaning the menu looks exactly like every other place dotting the water Croatia throughout.  Which works perfectly well for The Monster.

The Monsters decides on a plate of shrimp risotto.  Whole shrimp, risotto and a garlic and onion oil for dipping.

It’s wonderfully fresh and a perfect cap to the late afternoon along with a glass of local white wine that’s nose is aromatic of diesel and taste is pure battery acid.  While Croatia does feature some nice wines it is not yet a wine Mecca and this more than proves why.

With fingers oily and messy from peeling the shrimp, The Monster tries to figure out how many Kona equal a Euro and then translate that into dollars.  It’s nearly calamitous.  Our waitress came very close to getting a tip larger than the bill. 

Hurrying back to the boat to return to Dubrovnik, The Monster has packed some wonderful eating into this sojourn, with dinner soon to come.

Why go?  Finishing a meal and using a wetnap is your dream come true.

Monster rating: 4/5 Čudovištes

Starceviceva 13 | 20 210, Cavtat, Croatia

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