Gil’s Cuisine and Pop Lounge is on the city walls with a view of the harbor in Dubrovnic.  It’s hot, but they have misters to help cool you down.  Eating here is Croatia meets Miami Beach with hip music and chic decor of purple and whites.  It’s not authentic and doesn’t pretend to be.  It’s haute cuisine meant for world travelers who have had their fill of the local fare.  

In a fun play, the kitchen is viewable from a walkway above as you walk in through giant windows.  It’s spotless and the staff is hard at work.  A good omen?

Starters include waygu beef carpaccio style, summer truffle and parmesan; scallops foie gras and truffle;  pork belly plum sauce cucumber and spring onion; lobster and coconut in batter with romana salad, tomato, mango, ginger relish as a few examples.  Mains like lobster raviolis in lobster bisque and truffle; sea bass poached popara style with Malvasija wine and herbs; lamb shoulder,, slowly cooked spring vegetable cassoulet light anchoiade; suckling pig apple-ginger compote stock reduction.

We get the dentix steak grilled with tomato chili sauce and wok vegetables.  It’s amazing.  A meaty fish, it’s worthy of its high price.  A highlight of the trip. 

The lobster ravioli.    The ravioli is delicious.  It combines what we love about pasta with what we love about bisque.   

Only the seabass is a miss but only because its flavors are more muted in comparison to the other dishes.

Desserts are different chocolates, fruits and ice creams.  By this point we’re too full to even try which is a shame given how wonderful the meal has been to this point.

Why go? Looking onto old town Dubrovnic as Sweet Dreams is playing is quite a trip.

Monster rating: 4/5 Čudovištes

Sv. Dominka bb, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia

+385 20 322 222

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