In Ravello, high on the mountain with views of the ocean and homes built into the hills sits this charming hotel and restaurant.  It’s nothing fancy but you don’t need much with this view.

You don’t order, you discuss with the smiling owner what is fresh and then await with eager anticipation what he decides to bring out.  The Monster is in a trusting mood and our waiter looks like he knows how to eat.

The first course is bruschetta piled high with the freshest tomatoes. 

Then there is homemade pasta with clams and langoustines and it is ridiculously good.  The pasta must have just been made, the seafood is bountiful.  It’s a delight to eat and may be the best pasta The Monster has ever had.

Then we are brought an order of seabass, swordfish and shrimp along with salad and french fries.  It’s more food than a table can possibly eat but The Monster does his best.   


Friendly service brings it all together.  A perfect sundrenched afternoon of eating!

Why go:  You’ve had lunch at Hotel Ravello and Palazzo Sasso before.

Monster rating: 4/5 Mostros

Via Torricella, 84010 Scala, Italy

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