Dubrovnik, Croatia is a charming walled city on the water undergoing a tourist renaissance.  The nation is culinarily known for simple, clean dishes of seafood. 

Lokanda Peskarija, an indoor/outdoor space along the pier with views of boats coming in just outside the city walls has a menu of oysters, salted or marinated anchovies, fish pate, cuttlefish risotto, squid or octopus in multiple ways.  The Monster is here for an early lunch after walking the city’s fortified walls.

We sample the fish platter with filleted mackerel, sardines, grilled squid, small grilled octopus and mussels.

There is also salad, ham and egg sandwiches and one dessert, rozata (cream caramel) on offer.  If you order a sandwich here you’re not paying attention.  Or perhaps you’re just weird and eat Chinese food in Mexico.

The Monster gets a Croatian beer on draft to wash it down.  It’s forgettable but does the trick on this sun drenched day.

The seafood is swimming in oil, garlic and white wine just like it would in the ocean!  The mussels are small and still have the beard.  Eh.  The shrimp are tasty but in the shell and not deveined.  The small squid and octopus are great with a squeeze of lemon.  The fish is good.  The larger octopus is a tad scary.  Mrs. Monster eats the sardines.  Too salty for this Monster.

With some bread to sop everything up it’s a good meal at a decent price.  Is it otherwordly?  No.  Satisfy?  For sure.

Why go?  Climbing the city’s fortified walls and dodging Russian tourists works up an appetite.

Monster rating:  3 1/2 /5 Čudovištes

Na Ponti bb, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia

+385 20 32 47 50

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