Quattro Leonis (Four Lions) is a simple, authentic trattorria in Florence.  With the menu not translated into English but servers who can guide you through the meal, expect good food to satisfy the soul.  The clatter of dishes and the brusque service make it feel like home.

Wine served in liter bottles, dishes brought out and passed between friends, it’s an affordable option that caters to locals and tourists alike.  Laughter and conversation fill the tiny rooms.

We get the bruschetta with tomato, the grilled vegetables and burrata, the pear pasta pillows in a cream sauce with asparagus, the nut flavored ravioli, the grilled octopus in oil and the fresh grilled fish of the day.

If you’re a steak eater The Monster is told this is a place to hit for authentic Florentine steak.  Everything we eat is simply prepared, fresh and delicious.

The cheesecake is worth the hype.  Covered in chocolate it is the perfect combination of light and airy, firm and tasty.  The tiramisu is okay but better is served many places Italy round.  Never before has Mrs. Monster eaten cheesecake before tiramisu.  This is a first. 

Pictures line one wall of distinguished guests.  Nic Nolte. Spike Lee. Dustin Hoffman.  Anthony Hopkins.  The Monster?

Why go?  Enough overpriced mini-bites, let’s eat!

Monster rating: 4/5 Mostros

Via de de Vellutini 1r | della Passera Firenze, Florence, Italy


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