Down a side alley off the main street in Taoromina is this small cubbyhole under a canopy of pink and purple flowers.  It’s a place for fresh seafood and pasta.  A menu on a board brought to the table informs you of the days specials.  In fact, the regular menu is never even brought to the table.

The Monster has awoken from his food coma and is ready to chow down.  Game on!

Eggplant filled with vegetables and peppers (superb) Fritto misto of shrimp, fish, sardines and calamari (great), fresh seabass with potatoes that is brought out whole and then deboned and served (good), ravioli maffei which homemade black ravioli filled with shrimp in a lobster sauce (amazing). 

Now the music is annoying as hell.  Italian rap and horrible 80’s techno that is some of the worst Italy has on offer. 

But the service is hospitable and warm and the food a downright steal given the portion size and prices.

Why go?  You flip your collar up in clubs.

Monster rating: 4/5 Mostros

Via San Domenica de Guzman 1, Taormina, Sicily, Italy


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