Antica Trattoria is a charming garden and courtyard setting underneath a beautiful canopy of vines in Sorrento.  Professional service that is seamless helps elevate this restaurant and make it perpetually packed.

Many tasting menus are on offer including a gluten free menu (how rare and progressive for Italy) and the a la carte options are not the usual red sauce Italian of neighboring restaurants.

The fried zucchini flowers are served with a marvelous warm salad with pickled/carmelized red onion.  Tart and sweet, this is worthy alone of the order. The flowers are a bit too fried and filled with a bit too much cheese.  Which is basically a way of saying they are worth devouring.

The mandolin player strolling about doing Botticelli is a truly perfect touch.  When he busts into Simon and Garfunkel it’s awesome.  When he references Hendrix then plays behind his back it is reaching epic.  The Monster hasn’t had much occasion to appreciate the mandolin.  It’s a hauntingly beautiful instrument when played by a virtuoso.  It’s also unflaggingly unrepentant when a note of discord is struck.  More of the former, less of the latter on this night.

Unfortunately, the food isn’t as inspired.  It all looks pretty, has the right ingredients and then paired together falls a bit flat.  Perhaps The Monster has been spoiled with amazing meals as this is the top rated spot in Sorrento.  But it just doesn’t all add up on this night.

There were pasta courses (three) and fish courses (two) and dessert courses (two) and none of them is worth spending more time on.  None are bad and yet, none are great…

We got two desserts.  We finished neither.  So there you go…

Why go?  You think mandolin is the jam!

Monster rating: 3/5 Mostros

Via P.R. Giuliani 33, Sorrento, Italy



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  1. hmmm..doesn’t look too appetizing but I do love the dude with the mandolin.

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