The little hamlet that is Portofino is a beautiful Italian town with charming people and a relaxed vibe.  Small fishing boats dock beside multi-million dollar yachts and everyone here has a smile on their face.  This is La Dolce Vita.

Perched high above Portofino is the most exquisite hotel and patio restaurant, Splendido La Terrazza.  From the car service to the property to being seated at our table it’s a first class affair through and through.  Verdant gardens, a magnificent view and a special desire to please make this five star living.

Everything on the menu screams to be ordered.  When it is too good to be true The Monster puts himself in the hands of our most gracious waiter.  He promises a pasta and seafood feast that will bring tears of joy to our faces.  Given the dishes being served to others, The Monster believes it.

Homemade short pasta served with traditional pesto and tomato sauce, apulian fresh pasta with seafood and cherry tomatoes, a mixed grill which is the fresh catch of the day for two and deep fried squid, red mullet, prawns and vegetables in season is the waiter’s order for our table.  Along with a glass of crisp local Rose it’s charmed living.

The pesto is amongst the best The Monster has ever had the pleasure of eating.  It is a specialty of the restaurant and the homemade pasta and divine sauce are so good the tears are beginning to form.  The apulian pasta just can’t compare, but that stills leaves it in rarified company.  Bravo to the waiter for the first courses.

When the mixed grill is brought to the table it becomes quite clear this is going to be a special meal.  The food is prepared for each guest tableside and it’s a most gorgeous display.

The meal is unbelievably fresh, simple and wonderful. A dash of lemon on top is all the seafood and vegetables require to sparkle.   The kind of meal and service that make traveling a pleasure and you remember and still speak of years later.  With the views of Portofino from high above the cliffs and the sparkling Mediterranean as a backdrop life doesn’t get much better.

All the Monsters had a most Splendido time!

Why go?  Did you read anything above this line?

Monster rating: 5/5 Mostres

Salita Baratta 16, 16034 Portofino, italy


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