In preparation for the Italian food The Monster will soon devour in Italy, the fine people of USAir are kind enough to have their maestro chef whip up a feast worthy of the rats scurrying beneath our feet in the cargo hold.

Oh limp pasta with disgusting sauce reheated in a plastic tray!  How deftly you are paired with a starchy white bun…

Hello salad composed of things that may once have been vegetables!  May I throw this packet of filthy ranch dressing meant to hide your disbasement at the man who eats with his mouth wide open…

Look at this thing that may once have been a chicken!  It’s lifeless and tasteless form now covered in the same marinara drowning the pasta…

Ah, beautiful Blondie cookie, you alone offer forth taste that doesn’t make one want to retch!  But yet your little morsel is so calorie filled…

What a horrid meal on offer!  Which is why The Monster asks for a second helping…

Why go?  You have to get to Europe somehow…

Monster rating: -25/5 Monsters

39,000 feet above sea level

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