The adage holds food tastes better when you’re on vacation.  The Monster has been fortunate to travel all over the world and what may be true in Africa may not be the same in Cambodia.  Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este may be neighbors but they are world’s apart (with JI being an altogether better place).  So as The Monster begins his jaunt through Europe he wonders what the food horizons will hold…

La Terazza dell’Eden at the Eden Hotel in Rome is where the gods dine, so trumpets the menu.  It’s a one star Michelin restaurant with a splendid view of the city afforded out the 6th floor windows.  A room done up in shades of grey that exudes class is only further enhanced by the service that is spot on.  It wouldn’t be altogether out of place in the Viceroy save the clientele is more well heeled and the prices more astronomically high.

Four types of bread are on offer, a crusty white that’s rock hard, as softer white rosemary speckled with salt, an olive bread (that The Monster flees from) and bread sticks.  None particularly stand out.

An amuse bouche consists of fried scallop and watermelon juice with a drop of gin.  The scallop looks like something from McDonalds dollar menu yet tastes divine.  The juice is refreshing, not to sweet nor too pulpy.  The stickiness of the drink isn’t present either, it’s more effervescent than most watermelon juice perhaps due to the gin cutting against that.

Smoked lobster with marinated squid and beer toccamalto sauce is the starter.  Served in the lobster shell, The Monster does not ever recall experiencing a similar dish.  It takes the natural sweetness of the lobster and its characteristic taste of the sea and pairs it with a earth toned and root based flavors.  It’s lobster and squid that tastes like a great fall day.  Exquisite.

Risotto with langoustine, tarragon and peach is one main course.  From the first bite you wish the dish were a never ending bowl given the perfectly prepared risotto and the supple langoustine tied together by an aromatic sauce.

Carrot and ginger gnocchi with king prawns is the other choice.  How to describe these perfectly soft gnocchi that melt in your mouth?  The prawns dancing between them in a sauce you may dream about for years after?  Sometimes words fail to translate the artistry of the food consumed and this is an occasion.

Two tiers of bite sized morsels are the dessert.  Perfecto!

While the bill leaves a dent this is a king’s feast and a truly special start to the trip.

Who go?  You are god if only in your own mind.

Monster Rating: 5/5 Monsters

Via Ludovisi, 49, Rome, Italy


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  1. Oooooooh! I am so jealous. These all look so delicious. YUMMY!

  2. iris watnick

    wait im on my way…

  3. you are truly a monster. not only are you making me green with envy, you are making me hungry! can’t wait to read more about the monster menu on your birthday vay-cay.

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