With outposts on trendy Robertson and another behind CAA, Cuvee is a fast-casual option for premade meals in the deli case in addition to freshly prepared food from their menu.  With delicious desserts and bottles of wine on offer, Cuvee is an instant picnic in brick and mortar locations.

The hip looking restaurants done up in white marble and boasting al fresco dining offer American standards.  Soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas along with entree portions of fish, chicken and steak dominate the menu.  The portions can be large but with that come higher tariffs.

By in large Cuvee is a breakfast and lunch spot and lines and wait times vary depending on when you come in.  They do take phone orders which can help mitigate the wait though the reliability of getting the order correct has been an issue before.

The Monster normally ends up getting a selection of food out of the cold case.  Pasta with turkey bolognese, grilled root vegetables, a piece of salmon or the chicken breast.  On days where The Monster says waistline be damned that healthier choice may get bumped for an order of shell pasta in a cream sauce.

Everything proves tasty enough though it’s not a memorable meal the way a similarly positioned Clementine may be.  And truth be told it’s probably nothing an adroit cook couldn’t whip up in their own kitchen.

Why go?  It’s convenient on days you want to stroll Robertson for overpriced, bedazzled t-shirts at Kitson or stop by your agent’s office to ask why you don’t have a job.

Monster Rating: 3/5 Monsters

145 South Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90048

(310) 271-4333

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