Ink.Sack is Michael Voltaggio’s casual sandwich shop a few doors down from the highly anticipated ink restaurant that will be opening shortly. Much revered in the foodie universe, Voltaggio has lines out the door to sample his latest creations. With counter service and only two stand-up tables outside, this is meant to be grab and go food. A short menu on the blackboard details the sandwiches, homemade chips and fruit sides. Grab a drink from the cooler and be on your way.

As long as hype doesn’t get the best of you, ink.sack proves fine enough. The sandwiches are small but tasty, the sides are decent, the ingredients of good quality. But if you come here looking for your mind to be blown (which is what so many heap upon this chef), then you are in for disappointment.

The line on Sunday is about ten deep, but even as a newbie this is a well oiled machine that cranks out food fast with friendly enough service. There is a four sandwich per person limit and much of the food is pre-wrapped and ready to go. A decent selection of bottled sodas is also on offer.

The Monster decides to sample the spicy tuna sandwich which is miso cured albacore with siracha mayo, the maple pepper turkey melt and the cold fried chicken sandwich with house made ranch cheese and girdos sauce along with the street fruit composed of pineapple, mango, jicama, melon, chile and lime. For dessert a peanut butter and sea salt cookie.

The lunch is hit and miss. The small sandwich size allows one to have variety but also means just when you start to enjoy the sandwich it’s done. All three are tasty enough though the cold fried chicken is the least adept, a disappointment for The Monster who always revels in good fried chicken. Over-saucing on all three is an issue as well. None of the sandwiches however stick in The Monster’s mind enough to make him want to cross town to sample them again.

More disappointing is the street fruit. A great idea, the plastic wrapped fruit is fresh but the chile accompaniment is scant and it leaves one wishing they’d gone down the streets and gotten this from a street side stall. Similarly, the cookie is harder than you’d like it to be though the flavors are precise.

Prices are moderate and in all Ink.Sack holds promise though it feels like it could go well beyond its current offerings.

Why go? You like saying the name and giggling.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

8360 Melrose Avenue, Suite 107
Los Angeles, CA 90069


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2 responses to “REVIEW: INK.SACK

  1. Im with you! I went this weekend and was some what disappointed so I went down the street to FROMA to get my sandwich fix in 🙂

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