Waterloo & City.  What was at first a restaurant that seemed to be trying to find its footing has become an assured spot offering up delicious and creative food in a happening setting.  On the night The Monster recently visited everything coalesced into a truly enjoyable evening out.  The space is well designed, the service is professional, the food served all hitting the right notes.

Housed in the former Crest House Family restaurant on West Washington (in a redo that that bring an entirely new energy to the space) in what is becoming a foodie destination, W&C bills itself as an English gastropub but that feels limiting in the scope of what’s on offer.  This restaurant is becoming destination dining.

With charcuterie, appetizers and small plates, pizza and pasta, mains and sides, there is a little something for everyone.  You may start with the smoked salmon terrine, fried egg, sauce gribiche then move on to yellowtail crudo, shallot and ginger dressing, shishito peppers and finish off with a 30 day dry aged burger, fries, cherry tomato salad.  With a large group The Monster samples quite a bit of the menu and everything on this evening works splendidly.

The Indian butter chicken pizza, murgh makahni sauce, mozzarella is a huge hit for everyone.  It’s everything you love about Indian food slathered on top of pizza dough.  This is one case where The Monster wishes he wasn’t so eager to share his food.  The dollop of cucumber yogurt in the middle of the pie places deftly against the spicy chicken.  This dish alone is worthy of a visit and is large enough to order as a main course. 

Maine scallops, corn ravioli, smoked almonds, tomatoes is equally as enjoyable.  Perfectly cooked scallops rest atop the ravioli which shine in and of themselves.  The almonds provide the contrasting texture balance that brings the whole dish together.

For dessert look no further than the sticky toffee pudding, milk ice cream, salted caramel.  This is becoming a ubiquitous dish on dessert menus in LA but has yet to get old. 

From arrival through departure the service is friendly and accommodating without being obtrusive.  When you need something they will be there, when you want to get lost in conversation with friends they knowingly leave you be.

The cocktail, beer and wine list is not necessarily a strength here but also doesn’t succumb to the latest LA trend of drinks that take longer to make than to consume.  As any English gastropub should, there is a Pimm’s Cup on the menu which is the perfect late summer drink.

Whether sitting on the front patio enjoying the Southern California night or inside amidst the antique mirrors and vintage photographs, W&C is hitting its stride and a restaurant worthy of trying.

Why go? Everyone knows the best Indian food is in England and thus the best Indian pizza is born of an English gastropub.

Monster rating: 4 ½/5 Monsters

12517 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90066

(310) 391-4222

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2 responses to “REVIEW: WATERLOO & CITY

  1. Mary Leigh Cherry

    Right in my neighborhood!! Couldnt agree more. Congrats on finishing the zagat quest!!
    Best- Mary Leigh

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