La Isla Bonita, better known as that killer taco truck on Rose and 4th is a feast on four wheels that’s light on the pocketbook and big on fresh flavors.  At lunch time cars generally mass around it clogging traffic and creating an oasis of similarly minded folk who want fast food with flavor.

The Monster has been hitting the truck for years, always wondering what came first, the truck or Madonna’s song of the same name?

A colorfully festooned truck decorated with fish, LIB features a menu of seafood delights. 

Tostadas, cocktails, burritos and tacos can be filled up with shrimp, octopus or oysters.  While there are also chicken, beef and pork options, most are frequenting this spot for seafood.   Grab a pack of funyons and a cold drink and you’re set to hit the beach. 

With nowhere to sit and being a stone’s throw from homeless row on 3rd, some may feel more comfortable taking the food to go.  This stretch of Venice is being revitalized but still a bit rough around the edges.  But whether you’re standing up enjoying shrimp cocktail and a shrimp burrito like The Monster did on a recent afternoon, or taking the food back to the car and gorging on it there, you’ll be happy you hit one of the few taco trucks that frequent the Westside.

The ceviche tostada in particular is mightily revered, so much so that The Monster hears Madonna is penning a new tune in its honor.

Why go? Tropical the island breeze/All of nature wild and free/This is where I long to be/La Isla Bonita

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

4th and Rose parked at a meter

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