Steve’s Steakhouse is final Zagat meal #7.  This is a very simple review.  Do not eat at Steve’s Steak unless you absolutely support the following: bay windows looking out at the beach which might distract you from the room’s ugliness.  Part art deco, part 1984 neon color scheme, part shabby chic, all putrid.  An uninspired menu of steak and seafood on offer that doesn’t display any originality or ingenuity.  Ineffectual service where you might have one server you never see again and then ten servers who each ask you the same annoying questions.

Sound good?  Eat at Steve’s.

Once the servers actually acknowledge The Monster (despite the room being half filled) The Monster requests water with extra lemon.  When the water finally comes there is no lemon.  Ask another server for lemon.  None arrives.  This is a running theme at Steve’s.

The Monster gets a bowl of clam chowder that is watery and has bacon despite the fact the server says it doesn’t.  Shocking.  Blah.  Ask for lemon from another waiter.    

As a main the fried combo of fish and chips is decided on.  It’s so fried that it might as well not be seafood.  Maybe it actually isn’t.  And the fries aren’t good.  If a place doesn’t want to make good fries then The Monster wonders why they are even around?

Still no lemon.

The bill comes. 

And then lemon.

The Monster thinks maybe he’ll bring them with him as a souvenir of final Zagat meal #7.  He doesn’t.

Why go? You own a lemon tree.

Monster rating: 1½/5 Monsters

417 Crescent Avenue
Avalon, CA 90704

(310) 510-0333

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