A restaurant called the Lobster Trap is bound to be good, right? It’s final Zagat meal #6 and lunch number three (in a row) on Catalina Island.

Kitschy décor with a heavy seafood centric motif is the goal here. There’s even a raised table “on a boat.” Reminds The Monster of the table in the truck parked outside Jacques Imo’s in New Orleans. Reggae music blasting and some locals playing pool give you an idea of what The Lobster Trap is all about.

Upon walking in The Monster hears mention of a lobster roll special. No need to open the menu, a bowl of clam chowder and a lobster roll with fries will do. If you do open the menu it will look like every seafood place a mile around.

Given this restaurant is a bit off the beaten path, which on Catalina just means it does not have a water view, perhaps LT will be the place that gives the island a better culinary reputation.

The chowder does little toward remedying this notion. It’s the right consistency but ends up being mostly a bland affair. The vast majority of it ends up left in the bowl.

And The Monster should have known he is in for a bit of a letdown when the server asks him what kind of bread he wants the lobster roll on. As if this is a choice that one should be given. Yes, please put the lobster roll on rye bread. The traditional manner in which it is served in New England and on the moon.

Luckily, the lobster roll, while not fantastic, is a suitable facsimile for the real thing. It’s neither slathered in mayo nor skimpy with the lobster so that is a plus. However, the French fries are dreadful. Hard, tasteless waste of a potato.

So, while The Lobster Trap doesn’t save Catalina’s bad rep for eats, it’s not a complete miss either. It’s also beside a spa and right about now a massage sounds wonderful.

Why go? Your facial appointment isn’t for another half an hour.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

128 Catalina Avenue
Avalon, CA 90704
(310) 510-8585

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