Final Zagat meal #10 brought The Monster to Rancho Palos Verdes and Lunada Bay House.  After two thousand different restaurants and finally into the last ten perhaps The Monster’s standards are skewed.  Or perhaps he just wants to be wowed before this adventure ends.  Because there isn’t necessarily anything egregiously wrong with LBH.  And yet, there isn’t anything terribly right either.

Lunada Bay House is a boring restaurant.  It plays it safe.  It serves up pedestrian food that you’d gloss over at weddings.  It does it with nice enough service in an ugly enough room.  If that’s your thing then drive the ten million miles to Palos Verdes and go for it.

An uninspired American menu means there is something (pedestrian) for everyone.  Just take the Houston’s menu and put LBH on it and you get the idea.  On this night the room (boring and staid) is packed and people (with little taste in food or clothes) seem to be enjoying themselves (no accounting). 

The bread is forgettable but the garlic and oil dipping sauce isn’t without merit.  So a basket or two is wolfed down before The Monster knows it.  But a headache is forming.  Yes, the restaurant is loud, but the headache is owed entirely to the absolutely atrocious pattern of this booth.  That there is a television playing in close proximity adds to the rising irritation.

Cioppino and scallops are the order.  There are probably witty aphorisms to write about them and how average they are but doesn’t this really about cover it?  Sometimes the meals just aren’t worth the time it takes to get inspired to make fun of them.

The good news is final Zagat meal #9 is only a short drive away.  Perhaps that meal is destined to hold more promise…

Why go?  This is Houston’s of the South Bay and that really pumps your nads. 

Monster rating: 2 ½/5 Monsters

2325 Palos Verdes Drive West
Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

(310) 544-1704

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2 responses to “REVIEW: #10!!! LUNADA BAY HOUSE

  1. I totally disagree with your review !! I love this restaurant !!! You know how at so many restaurants that you have to really searh for something that sounds good? Well here, everything on their menu sounds good. Starting with their appetizers, their soups, especially the clam chowder and crab bisque are absolutely delicious. They also make a great order of calamari, and their oysters rockefeller are also very good, as are the crab quesadilla and the crab cakes. Their fish entrees are invariably very good, and their sauces are delicious. Their meat entrees are also wonderful, ranging from a great steak to rib chops. I also love their pasta dishes. They have a lobster fetticini that has lots of lobster meat in the sauce as well as a half broiled lobster tail for around $21. Their clam linquini is as good as any I have had with a huge amount of clams.

    The restaurant’s interior is a bit boring, and it can be loud when full, but the food is worth it. To summarize, great food at a very reasonable price !!!

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