On a forgotten stretch of Robertson far from the pretty masses (its neighbor is the freeway) is The Ivy’s bakery, gelateria and Italian café, Dolce Isola.  A cute little slice of Italy, it is a civilized outpost for scrumptious treats where the other nearby offerings are Taco Bell and the high school cafeteria a block away.  The Monster chooses to skip being shot at the Taco Bell and having to navigate high school politics for a take-out lunch from this spot he has frequented quite a few times.

With a smattering of tables inside and out, and done up like one would find in Capri, DI’s gelato, baked goods and pizza are on view in display cases.  On offer are simple soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta and pizza that hit the spot when time is tight but quality will not be sacrificed.

You may want summer squash soup or fresh swordfish tacos with rice, beans, guacamole and homemade tortillas (really, how Italian is that?).  Feel like a Capri meatball sandwich?  How about homemade ravioli with fresh spinach, ricotta cheese and fresh tomato sauce?  Then DI is your kind of place.

Mr. and Mrs. Monster are celebrating their three year anniversary (yes, you forgot it on Tuesday) but time is tight and a little take-out lunch in the office is the call of the day.

The Monster loves pesto so an order must be placed.  The pesto is the closest The Monster ever recalls having to the old Stouffers microwavable kind.  If that sounds pejorative think again.  That Stouffers pesto was the bomb and The Monster grew up eating it.  Flavorful, a tad salty with pine nuts and a hint of cheese.  This is deep in flavor.  Served with French green beans (so Italian?), it’s delicious.    

Mrs. Monster gets the chopped salad.  To The Monster, a chopped salad is a chopped salad.  Too many people go sideways about chopped salads.  Or extra-chopped.  It’s vegetables.  Chopped.  With dressing.  Woohoo.  The Monster likes his chopped salads even more finely chopped.  And then pureed.  Served chilled.  It’s called gazpacho.

Since The Monsters are celebrating a little dessert must be ordered.  The pastry chef herself recommends the chocolate mousse and raspberry tart.  Totally decadent, it’s insanely rich with a liqueur aftertaste that is quite pleasing.  Thumbs up to the pastry chef.   

All in all, Dolce Isola is an oddly located gem that can serve as both a breakfast and lunch spot (eat-in or take-out) and a dessert resource to satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

Why go?  You’re on your way to picking up The Monsters an anniversary gift and don’t have much time for lunch.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

2869 S Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034

(310) 776-7070


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