Let’s start with the water.  The worst tasting water ever given to The Monster in all of Los Angeles.  Served by Rosewood Tavern.  This rustic barn meets Scott/Irish gastropub might in fact import the water from across the pond in barrels filled with rusty nails and paint chips.  That’s what the water tastes like.  First impressions are all important and Rosewood fails this one.

That being said it’s a good looking room of distressed woods, a beautiful curved ceiling soaring high and accents of green marred only by the television above the bar.  With a lengthy list of beers and scotch and a menu of hearty fare, The Monster is willing to look past the water and dig a little deeper to see what’s on offer.

Steaks, chops and chicken prove the bulk of the menu with a list of sides and a few salads.  No one is coming to Rosewood for the salads.  And if they do, shun them.  The Monster decides to try the Indian spiced chicken wings with yogurt cucumber dip and the beer battered shrimp with tartar and cocktail sauce. 

As it’s early in the night Rosewood is a virtual ghost town so our server is quite attentive.  In fact, a complimentary plate of fries is brought to the table.  Nice touch.  Munching on them, The Monster looks with dread at his glass of water.  A cool, refreshing sip would be so appreciated with the salty fries.  Not to be.  A beer will have to suffice.

As the waitress sets down the shrimp she comments on how fantastic they look.  To The Monster’s eye they are ridiculously large, fried and large and fried.  They look akin to something served at a county fair in a backwoods netherworld more than anything in Los Angeles.  Or a science experiment gone horribly awry.  The cocktail sauce is fine and the shrimp prove mostly harmless once you get passed the fried outer coating.  It’s a swing and miss that one could easily skip.

The wings are sticky, meaty, salty, tasty.  A bit of a ploy to get you to drink more for Rosewood is first and foremost a drinking establishment.  The water still sits there mocking The Monster.  Drink me, I’m so refreshing.  And taste like industrial waste.

The Monster pushes aside the water and decides from now on he’ll come to Rosewood for a drink of anything but water but probably skip most of the food.

Why go? You fondly remember days of walking miles to the well to fetch your water.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters   

448 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 944-0980

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