Little Hong Kong Café is crowded.  Every table but one is taken until The Monster and his companion arrive.  And this proves something about Angelinos.  They are plain stupid.

Bad food + bad service = lots of business!

Situated on Sawtelle amidst a slew of better dining options, the fact that this restaurant is crowded boggles the mind.  It offers a huge menu of Chinese options.  So there is that. 

But the hot and sour soup is a gloopy, thickened mess…

The egg rolls are tasteless but very, very fried!…

The General Tso’s chicken is embarrassing…

The shrimp a colossal mess. 

The only dish that merits any mention is the fried chicken wontons.  And messing up fried chicken wontons is nearly impossible.

Westside Chinese food is indubitably lacking but that doesn’t explain how this establishment has not only survived but flourished for years.

Maybe The Monster miss-ordered wrong.  Maybe it is a bad day in the kitchen.  Maybe all these other diners don’t have taste buds so it doesn’t matter.

Why go? Low IQ.

Monster rating: 1/5 Monsters

2129 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 478-7329

Little Hong Kong Cafe on Urbanspoon

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