Umami Burger.  4154 reviews on Yelp.  Too many to count on Urbanspoon.  Similarly ridiculous number of posts in the blogosphere.  Is there much to add that hasn’t already been said?

Probably not.   Some passionately love it.  Others love to hate it.  The Monster eats it.

On this day it was all about gluttony.  An Ahi tuna burger?  Sure.  The pickled vegetables?  Absolutely.  How about onion rings?  Yep.  And some cheese filled tater tots?  You betcha.  You’re not really going to eat all that, are you?  But of course.

Growing at an extraordinary rate (Umami, not The Monster), this mini-chain is perpetually crowded and doesn’t much like substitutions or changes to its menu.  Offering up a selection of burgers (beef, turkey, mushroom etc), fries, salads and desserts, Umami skirts the edge of pretension but always comes off well.

Since The Monster doesn’t eat beef or mushrooms, he normally sticks to either the turkey burger or a seafood offering if it’s on the menu.  The Ahi tuna proves delicious, the pickled vegetables hit the spot, the onion rings are tasty and the cheese filled tater tots, those are little balls of heaven.

At the end of this food orgy The Monster realizes he will not be getting dessert.  He also realizes that his couch and he are about to get very friendly.

Why go? You know who Kikunae Ikeda is and want to honor him.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

Locations: Santa Monica, Mid-City, Hollywood, Studio City

Umami Burger on Urbanspoon


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4 responses to “REVIEW: UMAMI BURGER

  1. actorsdiet

    i eat at umami probably more than any other place in LA and can’t believe i’ve never had this! i usually get the turkey burger. it’s really stellar.

  2. actorsdiet

    i eat at umami probably more than any other place in LA and can’t believe i’ve never had the

  3. mike

    I can’t wait to go here, have not been yet!!

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