Tacos Por Favor might be the ugliest restaurant in Los Angeles.  Painted like a prison, with uneven floors, mismatched tables, a ladder prominently on display along with lockers and a handcart and lots of boxes and a few dying plants.  It also has lines snaking out the door because of its delicious, fresh food.

For those who don’t speak Spanish, Tacos Por Favor roughly translates to “The Monster will order way too much food, eat it all and then complain a lot.”  Spanish is funny in how few words it needs to express so much.

The Monster gets the “Monster Burrito” of course.  It’s chicken and shrimp and black beans and guacamole and spinach and pico de gallo and green salsa and…it’s huge. The Monster also gets a shrimp soft taco.  And a bunch of the pickled carrots.  And watermelon juice.  The next twenty minutes are a bit of a blur.

What’s great about the monster burrito is every bite is a surprise.  You may be eating a shrimp burrito one bite, a chicken burrito the next and a veggie burrito after that.  Then there are those magical moments when all three coalesce and you wonder if you have reached deliciousness heaven.

For a place called Tacos Por Favor, the shrimp taco proves a bit of a letdown.  Does not stop The Monster from finishing it.  Nor does The Monster falter from eating what seems like an entire bushel of the pickled carrots.  They are a bit addictive.  All this washed down with watermelon juice makes for a wonderful meal.

Unable to process how much food has been consumed, The Monster does what any person would do.  He goes to Foster’s Freeze around the block and gets some dessert.

Why go?  Hablas Espanol muy good.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

1406 Olympic Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 392-5768

( Where you can place on order from your computer or smartphone.

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3 responses to “REVIEW: TACOS POR FAVOR

  1. Monster for the Monster. I like it!

  2. mike

    Haha, I love you’re reviews bro. I think I may be done with Yelp, you are spot on. I think we have similar taste buds. I have not been to Tacos Por Favor yet, I’m deciding between the Monster or their regular Carne Asada Burrito? Should I go for the Monster!

    P.S. I live in Malibu, have you ever tried Lily’s Cafe here…They have hands down the best Breakfast Burrito I have ever tasted, and that is saying a lot coming from a guy who has tasted many breakfast burritos! If you haven’t, dude you gotta do yourself a favor and try it out!

    • Very much appreciate! Worked 2 minutes away from TPF for a couple years. Love at first bite. Went Monster burrito and never looked back. It can be a bit hit or miss on other items.

      As for Malibu, never been to Lily’s Cafe. Added to the list. Have you been to Cholada? Malibu can be tough eating but this is a nice spot.

      Good eating amigo!

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