Los Angeles does many things well.  Like turn nice Midwesterners into huge headaches.  Or create traffic snarls.  And smog.  We own smog.  Los Angeles does not do delis terribly well.  We have Bay Cities.  There is Brent’s.  Langers.  That’s one block in New York.

But hidden on Westminster Avenue steps from the Venice Boardwalk is Zelda’s Corner.  This is a shoebox with no inside seating and one table outside.  And Zelda’s makes some mighty fine Panini sandwiches and mini donuts that are exceptional.

Open every day but Wednesday (is that a bit odd?), Zelda’s proves the perfect place to grab a sandwich, a bowl of soup and some mini donuts (which are free if you say you heard about Zelda’s on Yelp!) and head to the beach.

On this day The Monster gets the Mr. Electric sans prosciutto (turkey, avocado, provolone cheese, pickled jalapeno, organic baby greens and sliced fresh tomatoes on a French baguette).  Mrs. Monster gets the special, a Vermonster which is turkey, Vermont cheddar, maple mustard and green apple slices.

The sandwiches are pre-made but they then warm them for you.  Both are delicious.  As we watch the tourists trip by we finish them off and get a dozen mini donuts.  In three seconds there are no donuts left. 

With reasonable prices and a very friendly staff, Zelda’s gives LA hope on the deli dining scene.

Why go? Another slice of horrible pizza on the Venice Boardwalk will kill you.

Monster rating:  4/5 Monsters

9 Westminster Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 314-6458

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