Garish, kitschy, exceedingly cool, crazily wild, psychedelic and trippy, dated, orgasmically pink.  All are correct when talking about The Madonna Inn and its Copper Café , Gold Rush Steak House, wine and cheese store and famously themed rooms that may feature waterfall showers or be housed entirely in a cave.  For the uninitiated, this attraction in San Luis Obispo is absolutely nuts and 100% worth checking out on your way to Hearst Castle or Paso Robles.

The Monster decides that the Madonna Inn will be the perfect Fourth of July lunch spot (mostly because it is open and nothing else is).  Like Dollywood, Graceland and Disneyland, the Madonna Inn is Americana as only we Americans can do.  Without the grandeur of Europe, the history of the Middle East or the natural splendor of Africa, what America can offer is lots of twinkly lights and pink pies!

We stopped first in the coffee shop which itself is a trip.  A room straight out of Sgt. Peppers meets Hieronymous Bosch.  After a short wait (not sure why with plenty of empty tables) we’re seated.

Do not come to the Madonna Inn to eat in the coffee shop.  Right here, right now, The Monster will tell you it isn’t very good.  Mr. & Mrs. Monster are starved so we get a side salad (blah)…

…a hot open faced turkey (was that turkey?) sandwich covered in gravy (thick sludge) with a side of mashed potatoes (boxed) and some cranberry sauce (left over from the Reagan administration).   

That being said, they serve huge slabs of pink pie that will get you higher than anything you may have stolen out of your parent’s medicine cabinet.  It is a sugar rush of sickly sweet pinkness that once in your life you can live through.

From there, we (and every other tourist under the sun) wander around the Inn which is a time capsule of bad (good) taste and filled with crazy surprises.  We marvel at the sheer lunacy of the Madonna Inn and then we’re back on our way home.

Why go?  You’re too old to take acid.

Monster rating: 0/5 Monsters for food, 5/5 Monsters for fun

100 Madonna Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

(800) 543-9666

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