With a full day of wine tasting ahead of us, Mr. & Mrs. Monster realize a hearty breakfast is in order.  We drive over to Templeton to hit Farmstand 46, renowned for their prepared foods using organic ingredients and artful sandwiches.

Johnny Cash, Hendrix and the White Stripes play outside as we sit under an umbrella (already in the 80’s) at 10 am.  Since The Monster doesn’t eat breakfast food he is heartened to find Farmstand essentially has a menu of lunch items available at breakfast.  A chipotle chicken burrito with cilantro, chopped onion and potatoes and a selection of vegetable sides (fennel, roasted corn salad, green beans) is ordered.For lunch they make pizza baked in an outdoor wood burning oven.  House made Italian sausage, pomplano Spanish chorizo, sharp cheddar, fresh mozzarella and roasted tomato sauce; the Hawaiian with Canadian bacon and American bacon, pineapple, sharp cheddar and house made tomato sauce or a cheese pizza loaded with layer upon layer of various cheeses.   Maybe we’ll be coming back for lunch.

Even though it’s early the place is already hopping.  Long waits here are common.  Don’t come in a hurry.  Sip some wine and relax. 

So, a love letter to Farmstand 46?  Not quite.  The Monster finally gets his burrito after noshing on the veggies (which were all fresh and simple salads) and it just tastes a little…off.  So Mrs. Monster takes a bite.  And it’s then we realize they gave us a pork burrito.  When the offending burrito is brought back inside the person who took the order admits she just wrote down burrito.  Really?  That’s pretty crappy when you have two different burritos on the menu.  And when the person you served it to doesn’t eat pork.  Ever.      

So now The Monster gets to wait while they prepare the correct burrito all the while wondering whether said pork is going to make him sick.  Awesome.

The correct burrito finally in hand and it’s tasty enough.  But the person who made it has zero idea how to assemble a burrito given it’s falling apart after a few bites.

The Monster decides he will not be returning for lunch.

Why go?  You don’t care if you order chicken and are given pork.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

3750 West Highway 46
Templeton, CA 93465

(805) 239-3661

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