When out and about wine tasting in Paso Robles keep in mind the area is nowhere near as developed as Napa or Sonoma.  Meaning Mr. and Mrs. Monster didn’t have a ton of options when looking for a lunch spot.  Since Farmstand 46 was a bit of a bust and the service tends to be even worse at lunch and Deborah’s Room is really the only other current option for lunch unless one returns to Paso proper. 

Justin Winery houses Deborah’s Room and has long been acclaimed for its Isosceles releases.  Recently, the family run winery has been bought by a larger corporation that owns Fiji Water so many are worried that a once fine brand may soon be sullied.  With that in mind The Monster doesn’t have high hopes for the meal. 

There is a cute, small inside room playing weird music (Spirit in the Sky, really? Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, holy what the hell?, Feel Like Making Love, this is joke, right?).   There is also a large outdoor patio (105 degrees, even with spritzers, no thanks).   Seated by the window, there are two flies keeping us company. They seem very friendly. Not much for conversation however. 

Deborah’s Room has a small but well thought out menu and we decide on the California white seabass with heirloom fingerling potatos, savoy spinach, coconut and yellow curry and the seared diver scallops with risotto, dungeness crab, corn, chive, and basil.

When they are brought out The Monster must tell the flies that the meal is for him and Mrs. Monster.  They do not listen.  That being said, both dishes are delicious.  The fish especially proves a nice interplay with the curry being tremendously flavorful.  A few pieces of bread are brought to the table to mop up every last bit.  The scallops are nicely charred but the crab is nowhere to be found.  Perhaps the flies absconded with it when The Monster wasn’t looking.

Fully prepared to skip dessert until The Monster sees the menu.  Key lime “pie” which is a key lime curd, short bread crumbs, and meringue.  With a long-standing love affair with key lime pie, The Monster can’t resist.  Nor can the flies.  It’s a nice twist on the dessert but key lime pie is key lime pie for a reason.

Why go?  Farmstand 46 is a nightmare right now and you want a civilized lunch.

Monster rating : 4/5 Monsters

11680 Chimney Rock Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-6932

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