After lunch in Los Olivos the normal thing to do is drive to Pismo Beach and have lunch.  So that’s what Mr. & Mrs. Monster do.  First, we amble about the main thoroughfare and see a taffy store.  They sell marshmallows covered in candy goodness.  Of course we get a few.

Then it’s off to Cracked Crab.  It is a tourist destination.  But we’re tourist and crab is delicious.  One look at the menu and The Monster is in love. 

This is a casual seafood paradise just blocks from the beach.  Normally The Monster would have ordered half the menu.  But our wonderful waitress tells us how big the portions are and we have just come from lunch and must save some room for dinner.  So we over-order but not egregiously so.

We get an order of the crab bisque and the Alaskan bairdi crab and opilio snow crab in a bucket with corn, red skin potatoes, homemade cocktail sauce, mustard sauce, warm sourdough bread and tools for picking and cracking.  They also throw some sausage into the bucket but The Monster will pretend that didn’t happen. 

The soup is rich, with sherry and a hint of cayenne.  It would have been all the better with more actual crab, but that’s often the complaint with bisques.


When someone puts a bib on The Monster that means good things are afoot.  The Monster is wearing a bib.  And here comes the crab.  Dumped onto the table.  It becomes a clinic in eating.  Crab flying everywhere.  May have scared a few small children.  May have crab still stuck in my hair.  Stunningly sweet crab, glorious summer corn and red skin potatoes dipped in a tangy mustard.   

This is heaven.

After our second lunch we take one more stroll along the beach and then it’s off to Hearst Castle.

Why go?  Crab.  More crab.  Crab.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

751 Price Street
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

(805) 773-2722

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