People like to trumpet Culver City and its food renaissance.  The Monster agrees that there are now many dining options in Culver City.  However, he’d argue that most of them are decidedly average.   Add up a bunch of average options and that’s just, average. 

Enter Akasha.  Touted for its sustainable menu and green ethos The Monster finds himself eating at Akasha for work quite often.  Parking is easy, it’s a big room so last minute reservations normally are no problem, the wait staff is friendly enough.  The issue is everything The Monster has tried has been…average.

The seared albacore sandwich, the onion rings, the daily soup, the spicy wild shrimp pasta, the roasted garlic hummus plate, the grilled chile shrimp salad, the Punjabi mung beans and rice, the spicy artichoke pizza, the sweet potato fries; tried them all.  Nothing wrong with any one of them (besides perhaps the prices) but nothing particularly great either. 

The issue however becomes nowhere else The Monster has been around these parts serves up better food.  Ford’s Filling Station, meh.  Fraiche, eh.  MoKo, blah.  Rush Street, nope.  Tender Greens, please.  And because of that The Monster does what he hates to do.  He comes back to a place knowing full well his meal will be nothing more than ok.

Look at that soup.  Doesn’t it just look boring?  It was.

Why go?  You’re an average person.

Monster rating: 2 ½/5 Monsters    

9543 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 845-1700

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One response to “REVIEW: AKASHA

  1. Hilary

    I so agree! I always want to like Akasha because I’m mostly vegetarian and they have so many veggie options! But it never, ever blows me away. And the portions are weird. Sometimes the entrees are HUGE and other times they look like small plates! Last time I was there I ordered some sort of salad that was definitely listed under “entree” and it was so tiny I had to order another dish because I finished it and was still starving. They have an acceptable wine list, though.

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