The Monster gets Facebook.  He likes Facebook.  It is an interface that works and has been immeasurably helpful.  So, that’s where The Monster and his technical/computer/social media know-how ends…

The Monster does not entirely get Twitter.  As in, the hash-things and pound-things.  Still pretty sure The Monster is doing it all wrong.  Stop, strike that, reverse it (The Monster is doing it wrong because The Monster has never done it).  No clue what they do.  Help?

Pictures. Well, The Monster was using his few year’s old Blackberry to take pictures of food.  Good news, the pictures were pathetic in such an extraordinary way that perhaps some thought it added charm?  Like a faded Polaroid.  No?  Right.

The Monster bought a new and (according to someone he trusts) fantastic camera to upgrade pictures and enter something equivalent to the decade when letters didn’t need stamps or horse drawn delivery.  The Monster is not old enough to think technology has past him by.  Wrong-o!

Um, what is an rss feed?  Tumblr is a thing you make drinks in, correct?  The Monster bets he should know.  Doesn’t.  Not quite ready to find out.

So, please excuse The Monster.  While possessing a skill or two (obsessive eating and…obsessive eating and traveling) the technical components are quite lagging but will immeasurably improve.

Because smarter (younger) people than The Monster are helping and will make sure of it. 

Thank you for your patience.  Or your ability to laugh at ineptitude.  Both make sense.


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