Anyone who doesn’t like Bay Cities Italian Deli is obviously a 1) Communist 2) Idiot 3) Person who also professes to not like pizza.

Despite surly service, long lines one wouldn’t stand for at the DMV, atrocious parking that’s filled with a cavalcade of fools you may want to strangle and being closed on Monday – this is the place to go for amazing, heavenly sandwiches on bread from the gods, a deli counter filled with goodies both hot and cold that invariably mean one buys more than they planned and a selection of dry goods and wine to complete the perfect picnic at the beach (or lunch at one of the tables outside if you’re lucky enough to snag one).

To combat these issues fax in a request or order online (don’t phone).   Or do what The Monster does, sneak in on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have a sandwich with the works and hot peppers for breakfast.  If not, you’ll be #92 as they call #37 and a forty-five minute to hour wait will find you desperately close to committing a crime of passion.  Can one get off for murder if the motive is a Bay Cities sandwich?


Why go?  New York has great Jewish delis.  LA has this!

Monster Rating: 5/5 Monsters

1517 Lincoln Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 395-8279

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  1. Oven Mitt

    Please forgive the cliche’d ‘Seinfeld’ reference, but they really are sandwich Nazis. When you order online, a popup reminds you that your IP address has been logged and if you don’t pick up your food, they might send stormtroopers to your home. That said, it is truly the best sandwich in Los Angeles, and well worth the harassement. Also, they have a nice selection of wines. Bay Cities forever!

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