The Monster loves Mariscos Chente.  Everything about it.  Often asked for his favorite restaurant in LA, this may very well be it.  From the divey location to the insanely addictive chips and salsa, the camarones a la pimineta with that scrumptious rice, the langoustines, the marlin tacos, the whole grilled fish (pescado zarandeado) and those onions, those onions!   

It’s very simple, if you like seafood you must go to Mariscos Chente.  If you don’t like seafood, don’t bother.  Nothing else is on the menu.

It is places like this that make venturing out in Los Angeles worth it.  The monster first hit MC before they’d even translated the menu into English.  And he keeps going back.  And bringing friends.  He’s been known to order way too much food and then marvel at himself when the wheelbarrow comes to take him home.     

A few words of warning.  MC is always freezing, it’s often times terribly dark, bad telenovelas may be playing and you never get enough water.  For no apparent reason there is a disco ball hanging in the center of the room.  There is a mural that seems like it may be half finished but it’s been in this perpetual state for a while now.   They close early.  Also, there are multiple locations with the same name, the same menu, but they aren’t owned by the same people.  Sergio, the original chef at the Centinela location, is now in Inglewood.  He is a maestro.  That being said, the Centinela location is still top notch.    

All that aside, if you want Sinoloan and Nayarit seafood and don’t feel like springing for a plane ticket to Mexico then MC is where you want to be.

Why go?  Mexican heaven is a nice place to be.

Monster rating:  5/5 Monsters

4532 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 390-9241

Mariscos Chente on Urbanspoon


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  1. tb

    Seriously craving this right about now.

  2. Pretty much always craving this!

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