Sometimes you pay for the food.  Other times you pay for the scene.  At High at the Hotel Erwin, you pay for the view.  The Pacific stretches out before you like a shimmering jewel, sailboats dotting the horizon as the sun begins its slow descent.   A Friday afternoon is whiled away sipping on a cocktail and munching on overpriced (and incredibly small) appetizers.

What we ate – chile lime shrimp with lemon butter, guacamole and chips, Argentinean tacos with chili spice rubbed chicken, sliced jalapeno, crunchy cabbage slaw, chimichurri, avocado – is secondary to drinking a Lifeguard Lemonade (Grey Goose, fresh lemonade, splash of pomegranate) and being thankful we live in Southern California.

If you care at all about the food you’re at the wrong place.  Four tiny shrimp on a skewer where $13.  Two chicken tacos were $14.  And the smallest serving ever of guacamole and chips will set you back roughly the same.  All of them were serviceable which is really all they need be.

Going to High is about a great view, good conversation and a kicking soundtrack to take you into the weekend.

Why go?  The view, the drinks, the company.

Monster rating:  2 Monsters for food, 5 Monsters for drinks and the view

1697 Pacific Ave
Venice Beach, CA 90291

(310) 452-1111


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