Yesterday The Monster and Mrs. Monster had a conversation.  The Monster really wanted fried chicken and fried okra and fried green tomatoes and gumbo and mac n’ cheese and tamales and a burrito and torilla soup and nachos and churros and cheesecake and bread pudding for dessert. 

This conversation never happened.  Because it would have been a ridiculous one.  Until lunch today.  Because in its soft open is Crossroads BBQ and Bubba Diego’s Mexican Restaurant, sharing the same space on Sepulveda Boulevard in a location that was formerly a Hamburger Hamlet.

With separate entrances but the ability to walk from one to the next once you’re inside (and sharing a wrap around bar), there are many things to like about this attempt to please disparate tastes at the same time.  Unfortunately, the food isn’t quite yet one of them. 

We ate on the BBQ side but you have the ability to order off both menus.  They start you off with complimentary homemade potato chips and their sweet bbq.  Both were good though The Monster wishes they would also bring you the mustard BBQ (delicious) and the spicy BBQ (not nearly spicy enough). 

In all we ordered the Anaheim chili cornbread with organic honey butter, fried green tomatoes with Cajun ramoulade, fried okra, the fried catfish sandwich with sweet potato fries, Dinah’s fried chicken, collard greens, black eyed peas, cole slaw, and the mac n’ cheese.  We had every intention of then ordering off the Bubba Diego side but that’s because The Monster is crazy.

The highlights were the fried okra which were nicely done and not tremendously fried (but needed a dipping sauce they didn’t come with), the fried green tomatoes (hard to mess them up too much) and the fried catfish sandwich (which could have used a bit more kick but was again delicately fried).  So we know that Crossroads has a fryer.  Everything else (besides the mac n’ cheese which was not good but given to us as a free sample from the waiter who admitted it was no good) was fairly pedestrian. 

The service was gracious from the hostess to our waiter who was very frank about what was working so far and what wasn’t (including the red shirts they wear that scream TGI Fridays).  The décor is a bit upscale sports bar and a tad corporate though the Bubba Diego side was a bit more airy.

Completely stuffed, The Monster made room for the churros and vanilla ice cream.  It was a nice end to a decent enough meal.  With the grand opening not slated until Saturday, it seems this combo restaurant is still trying to find its way.  Will it last long enough to get two entirely different cuisines right will be the question. 

Why go? Everybody you’re with feels like a different type of food so you settle for a lot of mediocrity.

Monster rating: 2 ½ / 5 Monsters

2927 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(424) 832-7300

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